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JMM Student teachers & Assistants!

Nick Hanke


Hello, my name is Mr. Hanke, and I will be student teaching with Mr. Jaeger this fall! I am a student at UW-Madison where I study music education and my primary instrument, the trombone. I grew up in Howards Grove, which is a small town by Lake Michigan, with my mom and sister. My sister also loves music and is now a high school band teacher in Appleton. Growing up, we loved playing piano and alto sax/trombone duets. I cannot wait to finish my time as a college student learning with all of you and navigating online learning together. 

Lena Stojiljkovic

My name is Lena Stojiljkovic (Lay-na stoh-yeel-koh-vich) but everyone can all me Miss S. I am a 5th year music education major and will be student teaching during the 4th quarter of this school year. My family immigrated to the States from Serbia in the late 90s, and I was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. Now my family lives downtown. When I learned recorder in elementary school I loved it so much that I decided to play clarinet in band. In high school I switched to oboe and that is my current primary instrument. I love to make music in my free time, be it an acoustic song on piano/ukulele or a track in Logic Pro X. Aside from music I love playing with dogs, watching funny videos and eating spaghetti. Let me know when the jam bands play, I’d love to join!


Jacob Brost

 Hello! My name is Jacob and I am currently a junior at UW-Madison, pursuing a degree in music education. I’m originally from Portage, Wisconsin and my primary instrument is the saxophone. I am excited to volunteer with the band once a week this semester and will be helping Mr. Jaeger out with anything he needs. 


My name is Kate, and I am a junior at UW Madison studying music education. I am from Hudson, WI where I actively participated in band throughout middle and high school. My primary instrument is flute, which I am currently enjoying to study at UW Madison as well. I am incredibly excited to be working with the Memorial High School bands and am so grateful for the opportunity!

Kate Lowery

Joachim Austin.jpg

Joachim Austin

Joachim Austin is a doctoral student studying music composition at UW-Madison with Dr. Laura Schwendinger. He holds a bachelor’s degree in music composition from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree in composition from UW-Madison. He has been composing, playing piano, and singing tenor for over twenty years, and has studied multiple languages in different areas of the world. He arrived in Wisconsin in 2017 and worked for two years at Memorial High School as a graduate assistant in the UW-Madison PEOPLE program.

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