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Volunteer Opportunities:

Want to help at concerts or on tours?

Concert receptions: Use Signup Genius (button below) prior to concerts to volunteer to set up, clean up, guard the cookies from marauding non-band people, provide punch supplies, make the punch, and provide napkins, cups, ice, and cookies.

Chaperones for tours: Please email Mr. Jaeger at

Are you an Organizer?

  • Administrative help: organize Mr. Jaeger's office

  • Organize the band room

  • File music and digitize the music catalog

Do you have Tools?

Miscellaneous handy work (it may be best to look around the room and brainstorm and offer your ideas for improvement to Ben. If you have a great idea, be sure to tell Ben you don't mind taking the time to do it properly and well and that he's not taking advantage of you.)


  • Soliciting local businesses for funds

  • Helping with the fundraising mailing before the holidays

  • Assisting with collecting and recording funds from student fundraisers

  • Coming up with new fundraising ideas

  • Helping to implement fundraisers

  • Participating in fundraising events

  • Anything practical and ethical that helps raise money for the band

Band Boosters:

  • Come to monthly meetings to find out how you can get involved

  • Volunteer to help with fundraisers, concert receptions, etc

  • Small time commitment to make a difference in your child's band experience!

Have a Camera?

We need lots of pictures of events and the kids to post on our Facebook page. Please send them to

Interested in one or more of these volunteer opportunities?  Email for more information!

Do you know of other musical opportunities for students?

Please send external musical opportunities (e.g., Capitol City Band concerts, Madison Symphony Orchestra dress rehearsals that are open to the public, brass bands, ensembles, etc. -- anything that would be good for the kids to attend); also, please let us know about youth choirs that they can join (brass, flute, etc.) or honor bands, etc.

Please send pertinent information or website to  Lori Scarlett at

Public Relations Help:

  • Fliers for concerts. These need to go to the Lussier Community Education Center radio station next to Jefferson Middle School. They also should be stamped and posted at the school as well as at local businesses on their bulletin boards (e.g., Metcalfe's).

  • When we have major events, such as the WMEA concert, then we need to send public service annoncements to the TV and radio stations and ask if they would like to interview the kids.

  • We need to advertise our fundraisers (such as the Culver's Share Nights and the Wisconsin Winter Plunge). Again, we need to post fliers and notify media outlets. 

  • Share our events on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, neighborhood apps, etc.

Have a free Saturday morning?

We would like to have occasional Saturday work parties to clean/organize the band room (we could get doughnuts or pizza, which we would eat OUTSIDE of the band room as the purpose of said work parties is to CLEAN the band room).

Questions?  Suggestions?  Ideas?  Want to Volunteer???

Please  email Beth at
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