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A busy fall!

In the wake of the WMEA conference performance, we have turned our attention to new opportunities. We recently recorded with NBC and the performance airs 12/24 at 10PM and 12/25 at 6AM. Students enjoyed the rigor of professional television recording and refinement of their repertoire.

This week is busy as well. We host Mark Hetzler on the first rehearsal of Three Views of Infinity. Dec 6, JMM wind ensemble will make the world premiere recording of the wind ensemble arrangement of the piece. I really enjoy working with the students to bring new art into the world. It's great that Mark trusts us with the responsibility, too.

Concert Band II will host Jefferson's 8th grade band on Thursday, welcoming our future colleagues to our program.

Jazz and pep band rehearsals lead to jazz band's first performance with Tony Barba as our jazz director. 6pm at Music Hall on campus this Saturday. Pep band has it's first performance next Thursday.

Live music collective has our first performance Friday at 7pm in the aud. An experienced student group, the Eventuals, and a brand new hip hop group that formed in the band room during lunches will perform as well. It's always exciting to see students forming their own performance ensembles.

Our wind ensemble brass section will represent us at the Capitol on Sunday for the Pageant, as we have provided the brass music for that event for 40+ years.

Our students are also getting active with the orchestra and pit orchestra this coming month.

Looking ahead, we are nailing down choices for a Broadway musical for the tour as well as a couple performance/clinic opportunities. Both UW Platteville (Andy Boysen!!) and UW Stevens Point (John Mackey) have ridiculously talented composers coming in for their honors bands this winter. You've heard us play pieces by both composers in the past couple of years. I would recommend not missing the opportunity to work with this clinicians while they are in state and affordable. See me for scholarships.

I was also at Cherry Pit studios twice in November playing guitar and singing. It's kind of a drive to Menomonie Falls, but Eric always gets great sounds. This combined with three shows with my band and 10 public student performances makes for a rewarding, but busy 6 weeks this fall.

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