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Great musical opportunities!

It is inspirational how many people are getting involved with raising money and awareness for improving our performing arts environment. All of the student and parent and teacher speakers on December 11th were effective and I believe the board and district administrators truly heard our plea. We leave it to them to navigate asking the public for a specific price tag they know they can get votes for. We stay active raising money to do our part and show how serious we are. Daily, band and non-band families have come forth to volunteer for the fundraising events and donate or pledge.

Wind Ensemble had an exciting first rehearsal today with Mr. Marc Fink, principal oboist with the Madison Symphony Orchestra. He will be performing the Pasculli Oboe Concerto with us on May 16th. He will be back next Thursday working with us again and giving a masterclass to our Symphonic Band oboists as well. New challenges with this piece and performing with a quieter solo instrument this time around.

Things are ramping up with solo and ensemble registration. JMM bands typically comprises about 10-20% of the entire 17 school band, orchestra, choir, and piano festival. State Honors auditions are rapidly approaching too and we have more students auditioning than any other school in Madison and most of Dane county.

I played the new UW Summer Music Clinic video for the students today. That camp has helped define me as a person, musician, teacher, and administrator since I was a wide eyed 14 year old. I am always excited to share that opportunity with young musicians.

Tomorrow, we look forward to a presentation on Melharmony by Steve Kurr, Director of Orchestras at Middleton High School and founding conductor of the Middleton Community Orchestra. He is here to support the students' learning of this genre of music founded by Maestro Ravikiran. We will perform the piece I arranged for Wind Ensemble on March 7th.

We are taking an all-Wisconsin composers set list to NYC. Preview will be March 6. I am currently working with a couple of the composers to get them to come in for clinics. I can't wait!

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